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 Memory Techniques to Get Ahead in Life

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PostSubject: Memory Techniques to Get Ahead in Life   Memory Techniques to Get Ahead in Life EmptyThu Nov 10, 2011 4:17 pm

Photographic Memory is not inborn but rather it is a skill
that anyone can acquire. In this article, we will look into various types of
photographic memory techniques that one and practice to hone their memory

Memory techniques are very simple, and can be used to
improve your mind and your life. Learn how to enhance your mind to impress your
friends or your boss for that pay raise!
Imagine being able to remember your grocery list
effortlessly, without rote memorization! The human mind is complex, and with
understanding and some memory techniques you will find that knowledge is
ingrained in your mind, and recalling it will be a breeze.

Connection Technique
The connection technique creates meaning or a link to an
event or fact that you know, thus allowing you to recall it easily. An
advantage of this memory technique is that it makes use of common information
that you know and thus makes it unlikely for you to forget the information once
the meaning has been attached. For example, it is easier to recall an address
of 2612 Memory Walk, by linking it to Boxing Day, which falls on the 26th

Mind Mapping
An equally easy and potent technique for training your mind
is through mind mapping, which is based on how we think and recall information.
This memory technique uses your entire brain by linking ideas and processes. By
forcing you to put down on paper your thoughts, it forces you to focus your
full attention to the information. The usage of visuals through colours and
pictures also reinforces memory.

This is a simple technique often used to remember something
by focusing your entire attention on it. The use of repetition entrenches the
information in your long term memory. By doing so, you are able to avoid the
common mistake many people make ?forgetting things because they did not
remember them in the first place.

Mnemonics are a form of memory tool that trains your entire
mind to store and retrieve information through the use of association. Language
is an important aspect of recalling information, and mnemonics in the form of
rhymes or familiar trigger words can serve as resources to your mind. You can
link the main ideas or information that you need to remember in a story, or via
the use of acronyms. An example would be Roy Of York Gave Birth in Vain, an acronym for the colours of the
rainbow ?Red, Orange,
Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo and Violet.?

Simple day to day activities such as reading is also a great
way to improve your memory by exercising your mind. By learning and using any
of the techniques above, you will soon find yourself able to rely on your mind
more than ever. The capacity of our memory is virtually unlimited, and by
matching new information to things already in our memory, you will be able to
train your mind into being a reliable store of data.

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Memory Techniques to Get Ahead in Life
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