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 laptop battery life The amount of time;

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laptop battery life The amount of time; Empty
PostSubject: laptop battery life The amount of time;   laptop battery life The amount of time; EmptyThu Oct 27, 2011 1:14 pm

laptop battery life The amount of time? A: The impact with battery life, many causes, including the use for the environment do not  (recommended here 30 ℃ in use), battery storage you should never , charge and being let go times, charge level plus battery suffered shock measurement Laptop Battery ACER Personal computer Battery APPLE Laptop Power supply DELL Laptop Battery. Original battery is nickel-cadmium energy, nickel hydrogen batteries just after, RU this is all the lithium ion battery. Whether the battery, have storage area effect, but the memory effect that may be much smaller than the earliest two. Battery life not by the capacity of the total duration people, but by the wide variety of times to charge together with discharge summary (shi2 jian1 _er2 shi4 you2 chong1 fang4 dian4 ci4 shu3 lai2 jue2) fixed. Ru Guo always install for the computer without the battery eliminate the foot, even if there are various machine, remove the AC power when the batteries did not for instance thought has remained fully charged state. Notebook computer batteries considering that battery in the designed control circuit, so even on the town shut down the computer power of your potato is also power. As one connected to your AC power source, the battery will become charging, so whenever you open or power down the power, the battery would be charged and discharged continuously, thus affecting battery everyday living. In addition, computer-generated heat might also affect battery life. Ru usually results is ty trying AC power source (dian4 yuan2 jin4 xing2) undertaking, then it is preferable to remove the foot for the battery. Question three: The things RU store batteries? A fabulous: In the custody of this battery also has a fact that attention. At present, a good many notebook computers use lithium-ion solar battery long ru fruit will not be used to (_wang) very likely to "excessive discharge" phenomenon, may not even be charged. In order to circumvent over-discharge, charge state by two to save it inside of a cool dry place, thereafter every six months, then share of its charge to the state of hawaii. If the long-term storage area without battery, please charge and discharge 8 weeks, a fecal to be sure its activity. When the battery in your store, pay attention this is not to touch the interface of metal material, to keep clean interfaces don't need dirt. Problem 4: Ru Ho to make sure you charge the battery?
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laptop battery life The amount of time;
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