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 Eee Personal computer 1015 Pn-pu17 A Imprinted Handy Laptop Series Coming from Asus.

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PostSubject: Eee Personal computer 1015 Pn-pu17 A Imprinted Handy Laptop Series Coming from Asus.   Wed Oct 19, 2011 2:59 pm

Everyone knows that laptop series under model of Asus are being modified every so often. Asus 1015 PN-PU17 net book is known as a unique featured laptop system in comparison with other models like PNs, UCS and also PES. It has extra added features compared in order to previous versions like 1215. It is often modified with a good performance Intel dual processor N550. The visual display structure of EEE PC 1015 PN-PU17 continues to be upgraded with NVIDIA graphic interface. Perhaps it is probably the most potent ten inches net books with different newly added features. 1015 PN series contains all positive top features of previously launched Asus ę¸¯eashell? PERSONAL COMPUTER notebooks. Its exterior body displays a nice-looking design. This system includes a gentle and delicate cover.

Buyers will feel pleased to see that the cutting edge asus 1015pn-pu17 net book includes a wide display tv screen. The layout of its keyboard system is compatible with finger size in all users. This machine is certainly durable due its plumper base. It weighs a pair of. 8 pounds and is known for a width of 1. some inch. Users can move it as a precious control everywhere, due its huge portability. This machine continues to be designed prettily and provides a powerful battery. The solar battery has provisions of 6 cells. External features about this handy PC include VGA jacks, any Ethernet, HDMI and three ports allowing you to connect USB accessories. Music lovers can personally tune in to their favorite tunes as well as rhythms, by fixing a headphone occur the jack at their right edge. Four in a media card reader improves the utility of PN-PU17 sequence. The entire system was framed with a long lasting plastic body and is visually nice.

The machine is known for a large touchpad, coated through smooth plastic. It might appear to be a palm rest or perhaps lid, it is healthy for fingers. Asus 1015 even offers a single mouse switch. It is slightly more advanced than that seen in a list of 1018P. The addition for new 1. 5 GHz Intel processer and NVIDIA graphical interface has given a great visual display and performance capacity to this handy computing unit. The battery life with this net book series is a plus. A powerful battery along with six potent cells really makes a difference. As compared to 1215 D series, eee pc 1015pn-pu17 features a run time of 5 hours and 50 a few minutes. Asus 1015 PN-PU17 net book can be an ideal PC notebook for everyone, looking for a printed handy computer.
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Eee Personal computer 1015 Pn-pu17 A Imprinted Handy Laptop Series Coming from Asus.
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