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 6 Simple steps to Remove Laptop LCD Display screen - Compaq Presario.

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6 Simple steps to Remove Laptop LCD Display screen - Compaq Presario. Empty
PostSubject: 6 Simple steps to Remove Laptop LCD Display screen - Compaq Presario.   6 Simple steps to Remove Laptop LCD Display screen - Compaq Presario. EmptyFri Oct 14, 2011 2:42 pm

We are sure to outline the steps was required to remove laptop lcd screen upon your Compaq Presario. 聽 The tools we will need is usually a phillips head screw-driver along with sharp object to pick up up rubber coverings.

First we will available the laptop and check out the LCD screen during an opened state. 聽 Consider not of 6 silicone coverings, they are small and the same color because the frame on the notebook LCD screen. 聽 Use your sharp object to get rid of all 6 of those rubber casings. 聽 Place them at a safe place you'll have to put them back at later.

Get the phillips screw driver out as well as begin taking out all 6 screws on the 6 holes we really uncovered. 聽 Take the anchoring screws out and place them using the rubber casings that many of us took out already. <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->

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Now take the frame off that's now not being placed on by any screws anymore. 聽 Be careful as you take the frame out your Compaq Presario LCD filter. 聽 The frame will start to feel loose as everyone go slowly around taking it off over time.

So the fame contains just come off and we have to point out and note a small number of key things now that individuals see. 聽 Take note on the 2 hinges near the beds base of the LCD screen people are removing. 聽 Take note on the thicker wire that is outside of the left hinge, that is the video cable that found . unplug soon. 聽 To the right of that's the 2 wires, they is the inverter wires. 聽 All of us will disconnect them eventually also. 聽 The wires run in the right side tot he left in the laptop base LCD monitor.

Now we need to discover the actual LCD screen dislodged within the back cover. 聽 We have to do this by choosing 2 screws out. 聽 The two screws are placed near the top of the LCD screen on the actual sides. 聽 Get the bolt driver out and fold the laptop down a good and begin to unscrew at the same time screws.

Next, remember that wires we identified before? 聽 We are attending disconnect them from your computer, specifically from all the Compaq Presario's mother table. 聽 The video cable includes a connecting plug so unplug the fact that and remove any tape that also may just be holding it on. 聽 Do exactly the same for the 2 inverter cabling, remember there are a pair of wires there, do the item carefully.

Finally, if you get confused by anything in that process stop what you are doing and consult with broaden repair specialist. 聽 Look back at this point for mroe information to get rid of lcd laptop screen for the Compaq Presario. <! --INFOLINKS_OFF-->.
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6 Simple steps to Remove Laptop LCD Display screen - Compaq Presario.
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