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 How to find Cheap Laptop Computers.

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How to find Cheap Laptop Computers. Empty
PostSubject: How to find Cheap Laptop Computers.   How to find Cheap Laptop Computers. EmptyMon Oct 10, 2011 4:40 pm

Ah yes, I want a laptop but I am not going to spend a couple of thousand dollars for just one. Well guess what you don't have to. Laptop prices have come down dramatically over the past year alone and they will continue to do so as technology advances. But the trick here is to uncover good quality laptops that fit the needs you have at the cheapest prices on the market today.

I would say that there probably is actually a store near you at the moment that has cheap notebook computers. In fact, many stores already have them. The reason remaining, like any other innovative product, laptops were once considered the cream of the crop in the laptop world which made them very expensive. However, all that includes changed now. Laptops are a dime a dozen! The hand held digital assistants, Bluetooth cell phones and tablet pads could be the new rage making laptop computers cheap.

Now, don't get me wrong, this does not mean that they are cheaply made. Thanks to your wonders of the manufacturing cycle, laptop computers usually are decreasing in price when their capabilities rise. Of course, there are the recent and greatest monsters in existence that are made intended for gaming or high centric multimedia applications and these types of babies still cost a fairly penny.

But for the average user, you can find cheap notebooks that provide all the power you need and therefore some. Every major manufacturer out there, like Dell, HP, Compaq, Gateway, and IBM have their lower end and intermediate models that come with more than enough speed and usability.

Now here is the key to finding the ideal cheap computer laptop in your case, and that is figure out exactly what you require it for.

Are you going to use it mainly for surfing the online world or word processing? Do you need it to work in your own home or mainly to save your MP3s and digital illustrations or photos?

Ok, so now you have an idea of what you want to use your laptop for. Now lets go out shopping and compare. You can visit any of the top rated manufacturers websites or visit your local store and find the low end or second time beginners models that may suit your needs. The three top the different parts of a computer you want to look for is the harddrive size, memory, and processor speeds and take notes of each model you find concerning each component and brand.

The hard drive, you can consider this the brain of this computer, this is where any files, applications and folders are stored. If you propose on using your laptop for MP3s and digital pictures your harddisk should be large since these files are usually very large. I personally would evaluate 80gb as minimum.

Next would be the memory, memory can be considered the thought processes within your computer. As a minimum I would look at 512mb but if you ever plan on using ones laptop for gaming not surprisingly this should be much wider, in the area of just one to 2gb. Now memory is used whenever a program as well as application is running. So the more memory you have the faster your computer can process this method.

And finally your pick, now your processor is just that it processes all the inner workings of the best way each program runs. The faster the processor is definitely, the faster the application instructions are processed. Again if your looking for a laptop for gaming uses you want your processor with high speeds 2ghz and up. For other uses you can go less.

Other portions of the computer to also consider are the ports involved that can connect your laptop or computer to your digital camera or your music for example. You also prefer to check that your laptop computer has wireless and broadband connectivity. Many cheap computer laptops today already come with this but you should make sure or you will have to pay additional, for example, a wireless card to fit in your laptop to obtain this capability.
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How to find Cheap Laptop Computers.
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