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 Samsung all the world's thinnest LED considerable screen display device presented.

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Samsung all the world's thinnest LED considerable screen display device presented. Empty
PostSubject: Samsung all the world's thinnest LED considerable screen display device presented.   Samsung all the world's thinnest LED considerable screen display device presented. EmptySun Oct 09, 2011 3:51 pm

<! -- google_ad_section_start -->With all the changes in display concept, China has shown high-speed market development and adjustments experienced. From DLP in order to LCD, from the traditional display into the LED display, technology is constantly on the develop the commercial demonstrate market in China resulted in rapid development. Many vendors continue to innovate you can find vying pursue their unique space. China's market innovator Samsung endlessly, now Samsung offers launched the world's thinnest great screen display series: EX BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND Series and EXn selection. EX series includes 460EX and additionally 550EX, EXn series consists of 460EXn and 550EXn, on the configuration on the EX GIRLFRIEND OR BOYFRIEND series and EXn few difference is EXn a list of powerful built-in computer installed.
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Ultra-slim sleek and stylish Samsung EX (n) range, LED large screen display technology towards new peak. The built-in PC not likely support full HD image quality, but also has electrical power saving features, while reducing operating bills to high professional performance to pay customer business needs. Samsung EX BOYFRIEND OR GIRLFRIEND (n) series displays all the thickness of 39. 9mm, is 12kg, it is refreshing for that customers experience, ultra-thin design to get a more elegant, and straightforward to install and maintain, more to store space. Samsung EX (n) series by having a display monitor through your DVI port, and features to enhance the connectivity with the necessity to purchase additional hardware, a small investment in substitution for large gains. Samsung EX (n) Series display can conform to different situations show, by means of full high-definition images, fully extended digital connectivity, multi-screen manipulate, and MagicInfo software for customers to brew a more comfortable environment to your figures. Samsung EX (n) a list of displays from the buyer's needs, support for gardening and portrait mode, by MagicRotation software may well rotate the display by 90 degrees to brew a more flexible display habitat. Samsung EX (n) a list of touch-screen display technology meant for all-weather DID uninterrupted presentation from the design, low operating temperature so that the display life of more than 50, 000 hours, the dust and therefore the anti-image retention technology for everybody to bring ever-increasing human-readable image lcd module. Around the clock to provide support all over the world, Samsung EX (n) Series monitors are your best option for business customers. Through the extended extended warranty and technical assistance so that Samsung EX (n) line displays a customer's most effective investment. Meet the most recently released Energy Star 5. 0 basic, Samsung EX (n) Series display since the most environmentally friendly products that can be found, the use of electric power 70% savings over classic displays, extending the life from the product for enterprise customers to conserve costs. Samsung's LED backlight technology would be applied flexibly to the EX (n) design and style of the monitor show, the use of all-natural environmental material, mercury-free halogen-free, power consumption savings of 30% in comparison to traditional monitors, a truly energy-saving and eco-friendly. Taking into account the case of environmental protection, Samsung made the re-homing of innovative green technology EX (n) a list of displays, and its power consumption 30% less than traditional displays, through the intelligent light sensor automatically assess the state of the setting, optimizing screen brightness, in an effort to maintain stability and are usually readability. Its outstanding results, to make life more desirable. Samsung LFD monitor EXn a list of specific built-in computer, can provide several efficient, economic and pro networking solutions. Its built-in computer can realize the straightforward LAN configuration and supervision of server software to satisfy customer needs, to help customers even more clearly and confidently express their outlook. In order to shield the natural resources to relief carbon emissions, Samsung EX (n) selection LCD TFT module backlight using innovative technology to relief energy consumption by a lot more than 30%, a strong ecological knowledge will help us to brew a harmonious green world. Samsung EX (n) a list of displays starting from your ecological technology, and grant more economic sense. Built-in SYSTEM capabilities, customers no supplemental cost, and significantly lessen power consumption, ensuring the actual stability of operation, fully extended service life, so that your customer's investment value. China and tiawan LCD module <! -- google_ad_section_end -->

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Samsung all the world's thinnest LED considerable screen display device presented.
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