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 Samsung Typically the Elephant.

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PostSubject: Samsung Typically the Elephant.   Samsung Typically the Elephant. EmptySun Oct 09, 2011 3:51 pm

Samsung characterizes life in its residence country like no other company across the world. But the slogan “ what is perfectly for Samsung is good just for South Korea” is receptive for debate.
The South Korean economy can be described as paradox. It has get to be the third largest economy during Asia after Japan plus China. Its 48 million citizens have per generation enjoyed a large jump in their lifestyle and no country has benefited beyond South Korea from your rise of China which has developed into vital export market. Its sovereign credit was recently upgraded as a consequence of reduced tensions with North Korea but it enjoys foreign exchange stores of over $200 thousand. The Korean people could be full of satisfaction for your job well done but instead are rather a dissatisfied lot.
Its per capita income is going one third that of your OECD average. Economic growth is expected in your 3-4% range closer to the mature economy than any Asian tiger. Unemployment is developing into an issue and some stronger currency and remarkably high wage levels will be crimping exports which be the cause of 40% of its overall economy. Exports are up only 7% the year 2010 after a 31% jump in 2009. After a credit account binge, average net consumer borrowing is comparable to 100% of disposable income as well as bank of Korea not long ago bumped up its benchmark rate for at first chance in three years.
What is happening here? Somewhat surprisingly, South Korea is experiencing you will find many same outsourcing issues who Americans complain about. It's the largest investor in China in 2009 with over $6 thousand in fixed investments. Its largest steel creator POSCO announced its intention to pay $12 billion in some sort of steel plant in The indian subcontinent where it already flows 24 steel companies. Hyundai sells 600, 000 autos in China will be affiliate Kia makes 140, 000 more.
Meanwhile Samsung Electronics has grown into Asia’ s largest know-how company by market restrict (larger than Sony), will be largest maker of memory space chips and flat panel screens and mobile phone handsets. Samsung enjoys a credit higher than South Korea’ 's sovereign rating. With sixty two affiliates, the Samsung group rules life in Korea want no other company of all time. It represents 15% of this nation’ s total global financial activity, 25% of the capitalization within the KOSPI stock market along with the taxes it pays characterize almost 10% of entire government income!
Samsung, up 25% a long way this year, is still attractive located at about 11 times agreement 2006 earnings estimates as well as its operating profit was up 29% while in the third quarter. Despite third quarter net gain declining 30%, a formidable fourth quarter is wanted. There is a shortage of LCD television panels and flash memory chip world wide market share exceeds 60%. As prices have fallen down flash chip sales have risen 40%.
But the company will not be a terrific play about the South Korean economy. Rather it's actually a global play on the country's three key markets and also expected payoff from it has the extraordinary commitment to R& T. The South Koreans are discontented because of the five largest companies are growing beyond the country more than inside it and at a time of development where it must be more competitive manufacturing onshore. The contest is the low selling price manufacturing platform with great economies of scale just next door – the issue is actually China. Samsung already has now has 29 plants and also 50, 000 workers during China.
Since China is starting to manufacture things like machine tools that all the South Koreans were busily transferring in 2003 and 2004, South Korean planners imagine it must quickly transform itself towards a finance, communications and moving hub – akin into the role of Singapore or perhaps Switzerland. The question then becomes do they already have the right companies, an appropriate skills and what will be its competitive advantage?
Together with each other, Samsung, POSCO, KEPCO (Korea Electric Power) and SK Telecom be aware of almost 50% of To the Korean stock market’ 's market capitalization. To employ a basketball analogy, the South Korean commencing five are strong but its bench can be described as bit thin and the nation's team has lost your property court advantage. The problem will not be Samsung but rather they need about ten a great deal more Samsungs.
The top four companies also form 40% of the Southern area Korea iShare (EWY) ETF that's up 29% so far in 2010. Samsung alone accounts for 23% for this ETF and buying the iShare provides you with more exposure to the top ten South Korean providers. I am trimming our position during the South Korea iShare to use some profits off the table with the expectation that typically the stronger won and higher interest will lead to your slowdown in exports. With likely re-emergence of the actual North Korean problem, this may well undermine investor confidence.
Final conclusion: buy Samsung based on valuation and top-ranking global reach and R& D but expect tougher buying the South Korean economy as China turns by robust export market to help you direct competitor.
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Samsung Typically the Elephant.
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